Nuclear Industry Applications of LIBS

Two members of the technical team at Applied Photonics Ltd (APL) have many years experience of working with the nuclear industry. Since APL was formed in 1998, we have worked on a number of special applications of LIBS technology for the UK nuclear power generation and spent-fuel reprocessing industries. The following technical notes provide full details of each of the applications we have undertaken.

Application Note 001 In-situ compositional analysis of Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) steam generator tubes
Application Note 002 Remote characterisation of high-level radioactive waste at the THORP nuclear reprocessing plant
Application Note 003 Identification of cooling water tubes and reinforcing bars within Magnox reactor pressure vessels
Application Note 004 Identification of materials within spent fuel cooling ponds using LIBSProbe with a submersible remote probe
Application Note 005 In-situ compositional analysis of economiser tubes within the Sub-Boiler Annulus of an AGR pressure vessel
Application Note 006 In-situ batch identification of Magnox reactor control rods