SE 100

Small and affordable echelle spectrograph

The SE 100 represents a compact and low-cost alternative to the proven SE 200 system. It has all the advantages of the SE 200 compared to the standard Czerny-Turner spectrographs. The SE 100 achieves high spectral resolution over the entire wavelength range of the CCD with no moving parts. The system is ideal for both general spectroscopy applications and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. The SE 100 is the first echelle spectrograph to be designed specifically for EMCCD (electron-multiplied CCD) cameras. EMCCDs cost less and have a higher resolution than standard ICCD cameras.

SE 100 echelle spectrograph

SE 100

  • Very efficient and compact
  • Lowest cost for any echelle
  • Designed for use with high QE, gateable EMCCD cameras
  • No mechanical scanning - get the entire spectrum in one exposure
  • Covers the entire range of the CCD detector (UV-VIS-NIR) and acquires completely linearized spectra in units of wavelength or Raman cm-1 shift
  • Interchangeable dispersion modules and entrance slits are adaptable to many user applications
  • Optional shutter at entrance aperture

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