Nuclear Materials Characterisation

We offer a nuclear materials characterisation service whereby we configure one of our LIBSCAN instruments to suit the needs of the particular application and provide suitably qualified and experienced personnel to operate the instrument at a customer site. In order to assist the customer in carrying out these types of special measurements, we offer advice in support of any safety case or risk assessment that may be needed prior to deploying the instrument at a nuclear site, in particular the safety issues relating to the use of Class 4 lasers in an industrial environment. In consultation with the customer, we prepare the written procedures needed for on-plant work of this kind. We also provide technical support in interpreting the data produced by the LIBSCAN instrument. Examples of our nuclear materials characterisation service are given in our Application Notes. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Schematic of ST-LIBS system for use in hot-cells
Schematic of fibre probe LIBS system for use in hot-cells