The company's technical staff have a broad range of skills including expertise in high-power lasers, laser spectroscopy, optical engineering, vision and remote camera viewing systems, nuclear science, materials science, software development, precision engineering and manufacturing.

Always conscious of the requirements and expectations of the client and end-user, the team has developed a range of custom-built photonic instruments for various applications in the nuclear and metal processing industries. The team includes professionals in the fields of physics, engineering and materials science who are able to deliver cost-effective solutions to your industrial photonics problems.

Laser physics, optics and spectroscopy

Zemax optical design software

Our photonics team has considerable experience of developing optical instrumentation and systems for applications in hazardous or difficult-access industrial environments. The team is proficient in a wide range of photonics techniques including light manipulation using precision optics, high-power Q-switched lasers, fibre-optics, optical engineering CAD and laser spectroscopy such as Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Engineering design & component manufacture

Computer Aided Design

Our engineering team includes time-served toolmakers and professional mechanical engineers. We are able to take an idea from concept through to design using the latest CAD techniques and on to manufacture using our in-house precision engineering workshop facilities. We pride ourselves on our speedy response to customer requirements and in our ability to produce custom-designed components in a cost-effective manner.

Vision systems

With experience gained through the development and application of vision and remote inspection camera systems for the nuclear industry, we are able to provide a unique service to industry in the design and application of custom-built vision systems for specialist applications in hazardous industrial environments.